Creative Writing Templates for Teachers 2: Setting


Setting is incredibly important because it has a strong influence over authorial choices and the direction of the story. It is strongly influenced by genre, as different genres have certain setting-related tropes that readers expect to encounter.

This template encourages students to see the setting as its own discrete entity, and to think about it separately from the story’s protagonist, antagonist, or minor characters. The template explores the place’s history, location and context (including historical period), season, unique features, and sensory description (what a person visiting would see, hear, smell, touch and taste), in order to create an immersive setting. It includes detailed instructional text, which may be removed or left in at the teacher’s discretion.

An example template detailing this technique’s use in the development of Greythorne is also included.

This template may be modified or reproduced for educational purposes only. It is not to be resold or used for commercial purposes.

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