Dealing with rejection

One of the hardest things about being a writer is, of course, dealing with rejection. It can be pretty gut-wrenching when that manuscript you’ve slaved so hard over is returned to you with barely a comment (or, even worse, vanishes into the void without a trace). So central is rejection to the publishing experience thatContinue reading “Dealing with rejection”

Nine ways for women to stop self-sabotaging

The discussion around women’s under-representation in literary awards is a perennial one, and something that, as a female writer, I feel quite strongly about. Brooke Boland over at ArtsHub has put together this great little article on how women can improve their authorial careers and counter under-representation. Although the article is targeted primarily at women,Continue reading “Nine ways for women to stop self-sabotaging”

Writing Societies

The popular conception of a writer is someone stuck at a lonely desk in a garret somewhere, beavering away at their typewriter/laptop. For many of us, myself included, that sounds quite idyllic. But one of the strangest things about being a writer is that, at a certain point, you’re expected to change personalities almost instantly,Continue reading “Writing Societies”

Visualising Greythorne

One of the things that really gave me the drive to write Greythorne after going through a bit of a creative drought was connecting with a fabulous group of artists, including dancers, painters, musicians, poets and other writers at the Poatina artists colony in Poatina, Tasmania. In January 2014, after I’d just finished the firstContinue reading “Visualising Greythorne”