Writing as L.M. Merrington (Victorian Gothic and fantasy)

Writing as Elizabeth Wren (spicy steampunk romance)




For Nell Featherstone, a governess position at Greythorne Manor promises a new life. But her precocious young charge, Sophie Greythorne, is fey, pale and unlike other children, and the crumbling manor on a rocky, windswept island hides fearsome secrets that threaten them both. And Sophie’s father is the most dangerous of all.

Professor Nathaniel Greythorne knows he’s the world’s greatest scientist, and his final experiment will silence his detractors forever. But he’s missing one final ingredient, which Nell can provide – as long as her curiosity doesn’t derail everything. Like his late wife Lucy’s did.

When a violent storm reveals Lucy’s body is not in her grave, Nell becomes suspicious about the Professor’s research. But what she discovers in his laboratory will turn all her ideas about life and death, morality and creation on their head. Trapped with a man walking a fine line between passion and madness, Nell must make an impossible choice between life, death, and life after death, where any mistake could be her last.

The Iron Line

The town at the end of the line is hiding a dark secret…

Young widow Jane Adams has lost everything—her husband, her livelihood, and her self-respect. A job with the railway in the little town of Tungold promises a new start, far from all the ghosts that haunt her past.

At first glance, the town seems perfect—but all is not right in Tungold. The townspeople are frosty and unwelcoming, and there are dark rumours of a ghost train that runs in the dead of night, carrying the souls of those bound for hell.

When a railway official is murdered, Jane teams up with the new young police constable, Alec Ward, to get to the bottom of the town’s secrets. Who killed Brian Mathieson? And what is behind the mysterious ghost train? But Jane is also hiding a secret of her own—one that will put her life and everything she cares about on the line.

The Victorian Gothic Collection

Greythorne and The Iron Line in a single ebook edition.

The Light at the Edge of the World and Other Stories

For over a hundred years, the village of Finster has been cursed to eternal darkness. The only relief is a single lamppost, which the villagers worship as the light of the Divine. But all is not well in Finster…

When curse-breaker Thorsten Mackinder arrives to try to free the village from its endless night, he unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that will stretch halfway across the world. A clockmaker beset by magical ‘time flies’, a bank manager who has accidentally erased his own memories, a sentient ventriloquist’s dummy that literally puts words in its owner’s mouth, and a toymaker searching for her missing daughter—all are connected in ways Thorsten could never imagine…but which may just save his life.

Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Ursula Le Guin, this whimsical collection of interconnected short stories is a wondrous journey through magic and mystery, family and fantasy, where nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Tea Dreams (Scotland Steampunk Book 1)

Constable Genevieve Conlon has been a mess since her best friend and colleague was killed in an botched operation two years ago. When her boss gives her an ultimatum—go undercover on a tea-smuggling airship or face the sack—she knows it’s her last chance to hang onto her job.

Will Eisman is the second son of Scotland’s most powerful crime family, and has always played second fiddle to his brother, John. Now he’s finally been given his own mission, flying a shipment of smuggled tea from Hong Kong to Edinburgh, and with it the chance to finally prove his worth to his parents—and to himself. What he doesn’t expect is a last-minute change of crew and a new—and very attractive—first mate.

Thrown together on a transcontinental voyage, the policewoman and the criminal find they have more in common than they thought. But Will has a secret that could ruin everything, and in Edinburgh Gen’s colleagues are waiting, handcuffs at the ready…

Flying High (Scotland Steampunk Book 2)

At age fifteen, Millie Roberts made history with her round-the-world airship flight, only to crumble under the weight of relentless media scrutiny. Now, ten years later, she’s rebuilt her life and thrown herself into a new cause—votes for brasscores, people who, like her, have clockwork enhancements. But her distrust of journalists runs deep, and when she’s asked to drum up publicity for the movement, it brings back everything she thought she’d buried.

Nick Galbraith has done the hard yards as a beat reporter at Edinburgh’s trashiest tabloid, but he doesn’t have much to show for it. When his boss asks him to do an in-depth story on the brasscore rights movement, he sees a chance to finally make a name for himself, and maybe even get a front-page exclusive. He has no idea that his editor has other, more nefarious, plans.

As the activists’ campaign intensifies, Millie and Nick are forced to look beyond their own preconceptions—and they like what they see. But a group of Edinburgh’s most powerful men, including Nick’s boss, will do everything they can to thwart the brasscores. And in doing so, they might just tear Nick and Millie apart forever.

COMING SOON: Hidden Depths (Scotland Steampunk Book 3)

Michael Galbraith has it all—his innovative technology, which revolutionised the thermocrystal mining industry, has brought him wealth, fame and respect. But when one of his inventions fails catastrophically, it takes Michael’s career with it. Now, his only option is an engineering job at a sky-mine in the remote Scottish Highlands. He might as well be sent to the moon.

Astoria Penrose has been working in the mines since she was fifteen, just like her father and grandfather before her. But she knows there’s more to life than harvesting thermocrystals—if she can only get her hands on it. After years of studying at night and working her way up the ladder, she’s finally in reach of the job that will be her ticket to greater things, only to have it snatched from her by a trumped-up engineer from Edinburgh.

Astoria knows she should support Michael for the good of the company, but she can’t help resenting him, especially since he clearly doesn’t want to be there. Yet when a series of frightening accidents forces them to collaborate, they realise that they make a good partnership—in every sense. But someone is working to sabotage the mine and will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it destroys everything Astoria and Michael hold dear.

COMING SOON: The Amazon Adventure (Whitton & O’Hare Book 1)

Mary Whitton was just seventeen when her father, the famous explorer Sir Percy Whitton, disappeared while mounting an expedition into the Amazon rainforest. In the years since, Mary has been stuck in limbo in the floating city of New Melbourne, trying to rebuff her stepmother’s increasingly frantic attempts to marry her off to the first available bachelor. When word arrives from her brother Jim, an Aerofleet aeronaut, that wreckage of their father’s airship has been found, Mary resolves to find out what really happened to him. Disguising herself as a cabin boy, she stows away with her automaton companion, Pan, on a merchant airship bound for the notorious pirate town of Port Royal in the Caribbean.

Airship captain Finnegan O’Hare has been scraping a living flying the route between New Melbourne and Port Royal since fleeing Tortuga when his mother, the leader of the infamous airship pirate collective known as the Brethren of the Skies, put a bounty on his head. But now he has a map reportedly showing the way to a cache of treasure, hidden in the Amazon rainforest, that could make him rich.

After an accident reveals his new cabin boy is not what she seems, Finn realises that his and Mary’s goals could be aligned. Together with Mary’s brother Jim and Finn’s old friend, navigator Erys Morgan, they set off for the city of Manaus, deep in the Amazon. But even as Finn and Mary grow closer, shadowy forces are pursuing them, determined to keep secrets from the past from ever seeing the light of day. Even if they have to kill to achieve it.