I read most of Greythorne on two train trips, one into the city and one back home, and in both directions I found myself wishing my destination was further away so that I could remain seated and continue to read. It’s vividly-written and gripping… it was completely unpredictable and overall an absolute cracker of a read.
Belle’s Elbows blog

Reading a debut in the genre you enjoy? They are a slice of life’s pleasures when they grab you and demand your sigh of contentment when you finish your read. Greythorne will do this to you. L. M. Merrington’s writing is such a comfortable read, the tension she brings you while you’re reading is supreme…The epilogue is a fantastic edge-of-your-seat clincher.
Buttonholed Book Reviews, five stars.

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I absolutely adored this book! To me, it is the perfect Gothic type novel that I fell in love with many years ago when I first started reading historical novels, and I wish more authors would write these stories. A huge congratulations to the author on her debut novel. I hope she writes more of these and I promise to line up to buy the first copy!
– Connie Fischer, five stars

I have always had a love for the gothic and the blurb for this put it firmly into that genre, so I was more than happy to get hold of a copy of this, to see if it was good, bad or indifferent. I readily admit that this is good, indeed very good, and it is quite surprising that this is a début novel…Very well written, this really brings to life the area with vivid descriptions, and makes you feel the desolation and loneliness of the island, as well as the outright madness and machinations of Greythorne, revealing a very dark side to his medical interests. Although you will know the basic elements of this tale from the beginning it does not detract from your enjoyment, and this is ripe for a film dramatisation. I must admit that this was a very good tightly plotted read that certainly had an eerie and a suspenseful atmosphere.
– M. Dowden, five stars

I turned pages quickly in this book, eager to know what was going to happen next…Overall, this was an enjoyable book with great atmosphere and good dialogue. If you like darker books, this one should satisfy.
Ionia Martin, four stars

L.M. Merrington’s Greythorne will remind you of Bram Stoker’s Dracula as Nell makes the frightening journey to an isolated castle where a job awaits her. Despite the townspeople’s vague warnings about strange goings on, she sees the journey to the end but soon regrets it. You’ll find many other parallels between the two stories, but instead of finding vampires as the story progresses, you’ll find something perhaps a little more frightening. A shocking twist at the end of the book makes this spooky, gothic tale one you won’t soon forget.
– Jackie Carroll, four stars

Greythorne is well-written, full of the unique flavor that characterizes gothics. It has a unique twist, evocative of authors such as Mary Shelley. I especially enjoyed the ending.
– J. Sasse, four stars

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