Writing coaching

I offer one-on-one writing coaching to assist in all aspects of the writing process. These sessions are usually conducted on the video conferencing platform Zoom (although I do have the capacity for some face-to-face sessions in my local area). Each session goes for one hour and you will also receive a video of the discussion.

How does it work?

Before your session, you send me some notes on what you would like to discuss. Examples of discussion topics include writing techniques such as characterisation or structure, or developing processes for maintaining motivation or managing your time. You have a lot of freedom to direct these sessions – if it’s related to fiction writing, we can talk about it. I can also offer feedback on short excerpts of writing (I work as a professional freelance editor). The session fee includes one hour of preparation time.

How will the session run?

I generally prefer to conduct sessions on the video conferencing platform Zoom. This means that we don’t need to be in the same location and I don’t have to pass travel costs on to clients.

All you need to run Zoom is a webcam, microphone/speakers (or headphones with a microphone – which includes most standard phone headphones) and an internet connection.

Before the session, I’ll email you a Zoom session link. All you have to do is click on it and you’ll be taken to the platform. If you haven’t used it before you’ll be asked to download it, which is a straightforward, 5-minute setup process.

I’ll record the discussion on Zoom (unless you ask me not to) and will send you the video afterwards for your future reference.

But I think I prefer face-to-face…

Video-conferencing technology has improved so much in recent years that for one-on-one sessions like this I actually find it just as effective as face-to-face meetings. In some cases, it’s actually more effective as I can share my computer screen with you and walk you through online resources as we discuss them. I’ve been using Zoom successfully with clients for some time now and I find it really works. It’s also very easy to set up – you don’t need a high degree of technical knowledge, just the ability to use email and the internet.

Face-to-face sessions are also limited to my local area and attract a higher rate due to the travel time involved, which is why I recommend Zoom as it keeps costs down and takes location out of the equation.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on how many sessions you book (it goes down if you book more than two). Please contact me for further information and pricing.