The best present for writers

A tour of the Southern Highlands

The thing about being a writer is you always get given notebooks for Christmas (not that I’m complaining – I love a good notebook!). But this year, an enterprising friend made me something very special. Using the National Library of Australia’s amazing Trove database – which houses pictures, newspapers, maps, music, documents and more – she created this: a collection of historical material related to the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales, where I’m planning to set my next novel. I can now wander through and explore the people and places of the region through the pictures and accounts she’s collected. I can hardly think of a more suitable (or more innovative) Christmas present.

What do you think is the ultimate writing-related present?

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Louise Merrington is a writer and IPEd Accredited Editor specialising in plain English editing for government, businesses, professional associations and non-profits. She is also the author of several novels, under the name L.M. Merrington.

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