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Tintern signing
Signing books for Tintern Grammar students

I’ve been AWOL from the blog for the last month or so as most of my energy lately has gone into getting my new business, Pure Arts Communications, off the ground. But I’m starting to hit a rhythm now and am loving the freelance life, not least because it gives me the flexibility to do one of the many book-related things I love – getting out and meeting readers.

Last week I travelled to Melbourne to do a couple of book events with people at contrasting ends of the age spectrum. My first stop was Tintern Grammar, where I ran a fiction-writing workshop for a group of keen writers in Years 7-9. We had lots of fun telling progressive stories (which got quite dark very quickly – teenagers!) and learning about setting, characterisation, plot, structure, dialogue and editing. It was great meeting the next generation of writers – and I have no doubt that in a few years’ time we’ll be seeing some of their names on covers, for there was a wealth of talent in that room.

The next day I joined the residents of Donwood Community Aged Care for a chat about Greythorne and the writing and publishing process. Many of the ladies (there were only two gentlemen in the group of 20) are mystery fans and were keen to find out what Professor Greythorne is up to in the cellar! It was a very different group to the school kids (obviously) but lots of fun in its own way, and I’m very grateful, if a little surprised, that I’ve somehow written a book that appeals to readers from 13 to 93.

I just love being able to get out and meet readers, and I really enjoy running fiction-writing workshops and getting to pass on some of what I’ve learned over the years. If you’re interested in a workshop for your school or group please contact me.

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