The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Click image to view full photo essay Last week I had the privilege of being part of an amazing art exhibition at the Annandale Creative Arts Centre in Sydney, called Creative Conversations with Women of the World: Access Denied. Artists and performers were invited to respond to the theme of women’s inequality globally, in whicheverContinue reading “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”

Why the British tell better children’s stories (or do they?)

I recently came across this article in The Atlantic, entitled ‘Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories‘. Its main premise is that classic British children’s books are almost all fantasies – such as The Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie-the-Pooh, Peter Pan, The Hobbit, James and the Giant Peach, Harry Potter, and TheContinue reading “Why the British tell better children’s stories (or do they?)”