Celebrating two decades in print

Today marks 20 years since my first piece of writing was published, which, quite frankly, is terrifying. I was 12 years old and in Grade 6 when I was selected to take part in a ‘Newshounds’ program run by our local paper, the¬†Maroondah Mail. Four students from local schools were¬†chosen to write one article perContinue reading “Celebrating two decades in print”

A day at the circus

Last weekend I did something I haven’t done since I was six years old. I went to the circus. And it was fabulous. Circuses seem to pop up in our area relatively frequently (once or twice a year) and each time I see the spires of a brightly coloured tent I think about going, butContinue reading “A day at the circus”

To work or not to work…

For most of us, deciding whether or not to work as well as write is a choice we don’t have the luxury of making. But the assumption is that, if money were no object – if we suddenly became independently wealthy, or became hugely rich (or at least self-sufficient) off the proceeds of the NextContinue reading “To work or not to work…”